GCIP Winners 2014

Team name: Afzaal

City: Islamabad, Federal

Email Address: afzaal@diyatech.com


“Gaswise” which is an electronic programmable thermostat (EPT), meant for gas fired hot water heaters (geysers). It has pilotless operation which combined with other programmable features saves more than 50% of gas which otherwise burn in waste. User gets full control on the water temperatures at various time intervals as per his needs and requirements. It can be installed on new geysers as well as can be retrofitted on the existing geysers.

Team name: SavCon Energy

City: Lahore, Punjab

Email Address/Website: ammarrazaa@gmail.com, http://savconenergy.com/

Energy Recovery- Efficiency Enhancement

A team of skilled Engineers aiming to provide energy solutions to industries operating in Pakistan. Developing an energy efficienct geysers

Category: Waste to Energy

Team name: Eco-Fuelants

City: Islamabad, Federal

Email Address/Website: hafizmali486@gmail.com, https://gust.com/companies/eco_fuelants

Bio-Diesel Technology from Waste Cooking Oil

Producing Bio-diesel from waste cooking oil. This alternate transport fuel is not only cheap (US$ 0.5/L), it is also environment friendly (Cuts down 75% of carbon emissions). Moreover, the quality is much better than conventional diesel. This ensures a longer engine life. The business model includes raw material supply from burger shops. it's conversion into Bio-Diesel and it's distribution to our customers would be carried out at our own facility.

Team name: PAK-Energy Solution

City: Lahore,Punjab

Email Address/Website: ali_raza_razaa@yahoo.com, http://www.pakenergysolution.com

Providing In-House Clean Energy and Income Opportunity to Poor

Innovated a portable Biogas plant; which can be later transported easily and very efficient.