GCIP Winners 2015

National Winner

Category: Energy Efficiency

Team name: Project Roshni

Team #: 1511

City: Karachi, Pakistan

Email Address/ Website: imran.moinuddin@nexdegree.com, www.nexdegree.com

Energy conservation & cost savings delivered

Project Roshni has created a device + algorithm that will allow residential & industrial users to cost-effectively see how they consume electrical power in their respective facilities and enable users to detect inefficient appliances & alter behavior to save power & cost.

1st Runner-Up

Category: Energy Efficiency

Team name: Zaheen Machines

Team #: 1516

City: Lahore, Pakistan

Email Address/ Website: osman.malik@zaheenmachines.com, www.zaheenmachines.com

Optimizing natural gas, electricity and water usage through IoT based automation

A timed device attached to the thermostat of geyser which could be programmed thru smart phones. Thus giving users a convenient method to turn their gas burning water heater on or off remotely or via a timer device. It is called “Jal bujh”. Zaheen Machine’s invention can help save Pakistan around $50 million in gas bills per month by giving the user a convenient method to turn their gas burning water heater on or off remotely or via a timer.

2nd Runner-Up

Category: Waste to Energy

Team name: Tawanai

Team #: 1547

City: Karachi, Pakistan

Email Address: faisal.bashir@gmail.com

Energy Management People

To cater for the prevalent energy crisis, Tawanai is working on a scalable solutions with virtually zero carbon footprint. Thier solution is an agricultural dry bio-waste gasifier that is scalable by adding smaller units or making a large one. The input to the gasifier is palletized dry crop waste that produces syn-gas with high hydrogen component that can be used in rural households for cooking and heating; in agriculture, for running tractors and water pumps; in industry as a fuel in furnaces, boilers and in electricity generators.

3rd Runner-Up

Category: Water Efficiency

Team name: Bitsym Watersense

Team #: 1550

City: Islamabad, Pakistan

Email Address/ Website: saad@bitsym.com, www.bitsym.com

Symphoneering Green Imagination

Bitsym Watersense has created a system for real-time detection and reporting of drinking water pollutants.

Most Promising Women Led Team

Category: Renewable Energy

Team name: BOLT bike

Team #: 1518

City: Lahore, Pakistan

Email Address: aalyafiaz@yahoo.com

Burn Calories, Not Carbon

PROVIDING EFFECTIVE SOLUTION TO INTER-CITY TRANSPORT – Bolt Bike strive with thier product to reduce the consumption of conventional fuels for transport, as well as provide an efficient alternative to power them.

Problem: People face difficulties associated with current mechanical engine transport: running cost, maintenance cost, seasonal shortages, air pollution and noise pollution.

Solution: Hybrid technology bicycles run by Battery power and human muscle power (pedaling).