GCIP Winners 2016

National Winner

Category: Energy Efficiency

Team name: SSUETIANS

Team #: 497

City: Karachi, Pakistan

Email Address: khanwaqaskhan582@gmail.com

Computed Tomography

A new technique which reduces the radiation dose provided in conventional C.T scans. This results in less radiation hazards (thus it is human friendly), and it also conserves electricity.

1st Runner-Up

Category: Water Efficiency

Team name: VegA's

Team #: 590

City: Lahore, Pakistan

Email Address: shafiq.m@hotmail.com

Sustainability-Conserve Every Bits and Pieces of Resource

A water waste flow mechanism that reduces pollution load by using energy from the flow of waste water; instead of using electricity for operating electro-mechanical, the water waste aeration system (surface/subsurface aerators) can be used in reducing the pollution load.

2nd Runner-Up

Category: Waste to Energy

Team name: Green Team

Team #: 473

City: Lahore, Pakistan

Email Address: zillaym.s@gmail.com

Waste Busters-Towards a Cleaner Tomorrow!

Palletization technology provides easier and better handling of fuel after crushing and grinding. Pellets are made of biomass (rice husk, bagasse, cotton sticks and saw dust) and MSW with differening ratios. MSW moisture is reduced by the addition of different concentration of biomass. The physical and chemical characteristics of pellets have been analyzed in R&D projects to foresee its burning behavior. Parameters defined included: moisture contents, ash, volatile matter, fixed carbon, percentage of carbon, hydrogen, total sulfer, gross and net calorific value. The thermal efficiency of RDF was evaluated by using fire clay stove and a 14.11% with minimum environmental emissions was found. Results showed that optimization of biomass and MSW ratio provided good results in using RDF as an alternative energy fuel.

3rd Runner-Up

Category: Green Building

Team name: HempCo

Team #: 204

City: Islamabad, Pakistan

Email Address: hassam1992@gmail.com

Indigenous Hemp as an Insulative Construction Material

HempCrete is a Carbon Negative, Enviromentally friendly and Breathable Construction material that aims to provide Cost effective Insulation to the masses. Tt utilizes the abundantly avaible natural hemp.The technology has been developed iteratively to reach optimal Energy Saving and Superior indoor air quaility keeping in mind Regional Climatic conditions and properties of indiginous hemp.

Most Promising Women Lead Business

Category: Energy Efficiency

Team name: Innovative energy efficient incubating blanket for infant cure

Team #: 73

City: Karachi, Pakistan

Email Address: Ayesha.Feroz21@gmail.com

We are biomedical engineers from Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology. We have designed an innovative incubating blanket which can utilize 12 volts instead of 220 volts. Other features include portability and highly advanced monitoring and maintenance.

A device named Incubating Blanket, which can replace the traditional incubator. It is an energy efficient device which works on 12V. Usually incubators utilize 220V. Furthermore, this has more features than a typical incubtor. As the name indicates this incubator will look like a baby carry sleeping bag/blanket along with a kit having all the circuits. The data will be sent to incharge for Monitoring/Control.