GCIP Winners 2017

National Winner

Category: Green Building

Team name: ModulusTech

Team #: 2017-248

City: Karachi, Pakistan

Email Address: nabeelhsid@gmail.com

Sustainable, Flat-packed, Affordable Housing

An affordable flat-pack housing solution that can be assembled in as little as 3 hours by 3 workers using simple hand tools. Its flat-pack nature allows 8 of such houses to be transported in a 40 feet container. The modular construction allows the merger of multiple houses to be used as a facility such as school or clinics. The house also comes with all electrical and plumbing utilities included.

1st Runner-Up

Category: Renewable Energy

Team name: Biotech

Team #: 2017-43

City: Karachi, Pakistan

Email Address: mustafa@biotechfuels.org


Solar tubewell and flour machine both combined and running under single installed solar system.

Most Promising Women Led Team

Category: Renewable Energy

Team name: AEROsync

Team #: 2017-15

City: Karachi, Pakistan

Email Address: Neelumhassan@outlook.com

Product Design and Manufacturing

Verkios is a kiosk on wheels, which has been specially designed for roadside vendors. It is a versatile solution for street vendors offering adequate accommodation and storage for their goods, and has an aesthetically pleasing display. Some of the exclusively designed features include a shutter that converts into a shade and a foldable serving/display platform. The kiosk contributes positively to the environment, because firstly it is equipped with solar panels which provide vendors with an alternate form of energy to fulfill their basic electricity requirements. This need not just reduces energy consumption but also electricity theft. The vertical kiosk consumes a lot less space on the roads due to its critically designed platform, it therefore reduces traffic congestion as well.

Industry Challenge Award

Category: Waste Beneficiation

Team name: Crean

Team #: 2017-64

City: Islamabad, Pakistan

Email Address: irumraja@creaninternational.com

Keep it Clean, Use Crean

Battery regeneration can help battery to re-energizes with the latest technologies from Europe. This economical technology will extend the life of batteries while keeping costs down thus saving on budgets. We take care of batteries by, analyzing, testing and regenerating them and saving on OPEX and CAPEX costs by up to 60%.

Industry Challenge Award

Category: Energy Efficiency

Team name: Bitsym Bitpredict

Team #: 2017-46

City: Islamabad, Pakistan

Email Address: hassan_amar92@yahoo.com

Energy Efficiency Through Fault Prognostics of Industrial Machinery (Solution for Steel Industry)

Developed a system for industrial fault detection, as faults lead to down times of equipment in industry leading to reduced energy efficiency and high operating cost as well as disruption in operations.